Thinking of London, as I do when I look at the header image on the home page, I’m transported back to the front seat on the late night double decker bus, straining to see just a few more sights through rain spotted windows as we speed towards our lodgings.

London makes for an amazing vacation, as do so many places; some I’ve experienced, many I haven’t — not yet at least. My mind goes round and round dreaming up vacation ideas and of course the possibilities are almost endless. One week I see us bouncing around Southeast Asia. The next, we’re circumnavigating the continent of Africa. And always I think of adding to my short list of places visited in Europe, which after dreaming of a European vacation for the past 20+ years, I’m so grateful to have been across the pond twice now, even if they were short visits. Gotta start somewhere.

And now? With the Copa America Centenario currently on, and after attending a recent graduation party for my daughter’s best friend in which the hosts, and their extended family were and are Colombian, and with the hospitality being so warm and friendly, as though we were also long time family friends, I dream of destinations south, far, far south. And it excites me.

How to make it happen……

Image by Diego Delso is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0