Train tracks to nowhere. I’ve attempted to write about what these tracks symbolize for the light rail expansion in the DFW Metro area. I’ve also written about what their abandonment means to what was essentially an all out desertion of nationwide passenger rail services, unlike in Europe,  in favor of an all out promotion and almost deification of the automobile in this country. The results of which have and continue to be an overwhelming success. Kudos Mr. Rockefeller, Ford, Firestone, and company (sarcasm implied).

But this morning, they illustrate the uncertain path I’m about to embark on with my family as we head east to join up with my eldest daughter and son-in-law in Durham, NC — potentially impacting a solid position with an established civil engineering firm in Plano, TX.

Am I nuts? Conventional wisdom would suggest as much. The past five years have seen my wife and I travel to Europe not once but three times. It  has allowed us to send our youngest on a couple of different programs to Europe twice — one a six month outreach training and missions program through YWAM International in Paris, France and Southeast Asia. Add in a 10 day high school art class “excursion” with educational stops in Paris, Provence, and Barcelona along with one trip with us — umm yeah, we’ve been blessed.

But here I am, about to travel down the deserted train tracks to the unknown. Will I be able to remain in my current role on a remote basis as I’m hoping, at least till my company can replace me? Will I be able to wrap my head around the knowledge required, along with the skills and industry connections, to make a go of it as an applications developer, and potentially full blown programmer? Or is there still a chance I could offer something as a content writer or more? That would require a commitment to actually practicing the craft, something I’ve failed to come close to being consistent in.

One thing looks to be clear, I will have more time to find some answers to the above questions. The excuse of not having enough time because of all the overtime in my current role, and being too tired because of it, along with the demands of family life (there are no demands, I’m blessed here too) — well, any and all excuses head down those tracks to nowhere along with my 20 year career, maybe.

I’m making this sound kind of bad. But it’s not how I see it. Except for getting past the giving up a steady income part, which is huge for me, I’m looking forward to the change. Stay tuned.