Hi I’m Rick (aka canuckatlarge). I’ve been a fan of culture for as long as I can remember. And what’s the best way to experience different cultures? Through travel of course! I’m a little late to the game, and am only beginning to explore our beautiful world. But that excites me! This site is the start of that adventure. It’s an attempt to get my feelings, insights (if any), and experiences (limited though they are) out and hopefully as folks come along, they will want to share their experiences as well.

At times it will read like a personal journal, a narrative of trips past and present if you will, and one not too well written. I have a passion to write. But I don’t write well, at least not yet. And that’s OK. At times I will link to other, much better content because I want to learn from the best and want to share what I find with anyone interested. Proper attribution will always be given of course.

So, come along with me to learn about our wonderful world, gain a new perspective on humanity, and maybe learn a little something about yourself as well.